Meet the employer:
VYGON Consulting
Get ready to learn about an exciting company in the energy sector: VYGON Consulting. With a team of highly qualified experts and a mission to transform the industry.
About the company

VYGON Consulting is an independent Russian industry consultant that provides services for the Russian fuel and energy complex. We assist companies in making the right strategic and investment decisions.

The company was established in January 2015. Its team consists of highly qualified experts with extensive experience in the largest Russian and international oil and gas companies, federal executive authorities, research and consulting organizations.

VYGON Consulting mission is to transform the Russian energy sector and assist companies in making optimal strategic and investment decisions. We have unique industry experience and expertise that we apply to the successful development of our clients.

The main areas of activity of VYGON Consulting include:
•strategic and technological consulting for companies
•techno-economic auditing
•analytical support for investment projects
•research in the energy sector

    Why do young professionals join VYGON Consulting?
    If you're a young professional looking for a challenging yet rewarding opportunity, VYGON Consulting may be the perfect fit for you. With a focus on hands-on learning, extensive project work, and networking with industry experts, our team of seasoned professionals will be there to guide you every step of the way. Check out the main points that our young employees face

    Training on real-life tasks and cases
    VYGON Consulting collaborates with the key players of the Russian fuel and energy complex: Gazprom, Rosneft, Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, Tatneft, Sibur, Rosatom, YaTEK, and others. We respond to our customers' strategic and technical requests and provide analytical support for industrial engineering innovations.

    ✦ Intensive brainwork
    On average, our employees and trainees work on 5 to 7 projects during the year. The projects can run in parallel and require various competencies, such as information search and analysis, modeling, technical calculations, and presentation skills.

    Large-scale projects
    We never limit opportunities for the trainees willing to participate in the company's key projects. Quite the contrary, we encourage them to take the initiative and contribute to business development.

    Networking and professional growth
    Our consulting activity is about project-centric teamwork. VYGON Consulting offers an opportunity to network with both the company and customer pools of industry experts. Also, to enhance our team's competencies, we provide our employees with budgets for individual training and participation in internal and external courses.

    Support by expert team
    Being part of the team means working shoulder-to-shoulder with seasoned experts who are always there to share experience and answer professional questions.

    Check out our regular industry research publications (RUS) for more details about our analytical activities.
    What skills do students need to work on VYGON Consulting?
    We welcome candidates with strong motivation for development, a passion for research and analytics, and commitment to deliver results.

    As a start, you should have a basic set of skills:

    •financial, economic and technological modeling;
    •preparing presentations and analytical materials, writing papers, etc.;
    •knowledge of higher mathematics, economic and mathematical methods;
    •proficiency in VBA or SQL or Python (data analysis or development).

    We treat our trainees as peers whom we can entrust with important and responsible tasks. The gifted and motivated trainees who proved their efficiency will always be welcome at VYGON Consulting as staff analysts after they complete their internship.

    What internship programs do you offer? How to enroll?
    During the internship that lasts 3 to 6 months, our trainees receive a salary. The duration depends on the employment terms (full- or part-time) and the trainee's performance and motivation.

    You can enroll in a program on a full-time or part-time basis with a minimum of 20 working hours a week. Depending on your interests, you can choose between two departments:

    Gas and Chemistry Department, which specializes in marketing and strategic analysis and monetization of products, primarily, in the gas chemical and petrochemical sectors (downstream)

    Oil & Gas Development and Production Department that focuses on the efficiency of oil and gas field development and production (upstream)

    Although our activities are centered around the fuel and energy complex, we do not place any limits on the specialization and training of our employees and trainees. Even if specialized training makes it easier to understand the industry, the background education is not the crucial point. We also maintain cross-functional collaborations, such as the study into the prospects of mining Bitcoin from associated petroleum gas in Russia.

    What If I don't have a background in energy?
    We always consider all candidates – from talented students and graduates (even those with no experience) to mature consultants with expertise in fuel and energy.

    Background in fuel and energy is not the key factor. Consulting is about intellectual skills, such as structured thinking, effective communication and the ability to pinpoint relationships, quickly find and critically analyze information. Last but not least, they should be strongly motivated.

    VYGON Consulting values those committed to self-development and final result, eager to make a name in analytics, and prepared to invest their time in personal development and company success.

    In consulting, project teamwork is the most efficient if performed offline, but we are quite flexible about the employees' working hours – what we are after is the ultimate result.
    Let's see how our selection process at VYGON Consulting works. There are 5 stages:

    Stage 1. Interview with an HR officer

    The HR officer will ask applicants about their interests, experience, and skills. Candidates do not need to study for the interview but should carefully think about how to present their competencies, achievements, and student or professional projects. It is also an opportunity for applicants to learn more about the company and its team.

    Again, I emphasize the importance of motivation: applicants with a clear sense of purpose stand a better chance of being selected.

    You can find more advice in our guide (RUS).

    Stage 2. Interview with the team

    This is a more extensive interview covering motivation, background, skills, and ability to structure and analyze information.

    In our interviews, we use a competency-based approach. For the candidates, this means that their potential colleagues will enquire about their prior experience and ask to illustrate their skills and abilities with specific examples.

    For a future trainee or employee, this stage is an opportunity to meet potential colleagues and gain first-hand information about their future work.

    Stage 3. Case study

    A case study (homework) is the final verification stage, where we offer our candidates a small technical, economic or feasibility study that models real-life tasks they will encounter in their work.

    The case study lasts 6 to 10 calendar days depending on complexity. Typically, applicants report their results in a final presentation.

    This stage requires deep involvement, intensive brainwork, and effective demonstration of the candidate's skills.

    Stage 4. Intelligence tests

    This is a well-known verbal and numerical reasoning test that candidates do at home. Typically, it takes about 40 to 50 minutes to complete all the tests.

    Stage 5. Final stage − meeting with department director

    The meeting with the department director is not just a formality, but a pivotal point in the selection process. A potential employee meets a practice leader who secures projects for the company and bears responsibility for the team's performance. At the meeting, the director briefly interviews the candidate about their competencies and may ask them to defend a case, since a consultant should be able not only to do the job but also to make a case for the customer.

    To apply for the internship program, send us your resumé to

    The Skoltech Career Center thanks VYGON Consulting colleagues for this interview and support.