Meet the employer:
VTB Bank
Learn more about opportunities to start your career at bank and find a list of skills that junior candidates need
About the company

VTB Bank is a high-tech omnichannel bank that leverages both fast-growing remote channels and an efficient network of branches, while providing its clients with personal contact in the digital world. The bank pursues three global lines of activity: corporate and investment business, medium and small business, and retail business, while operating through its support and control divisions. We guide our clients around the digital world and integrate our services into their daily lives.

The VTB Group includes subsidiaries in commercial and investment banking, leasing, factoring, real estate, and more.

    Our mission
    We help people to fulfill their plans by creating the best financial solutions. We are a team of professionals working for the benefit of our clients and the entire nation.

    Our vision
    We are a dynamic and steadily growing universal financial group acting as the first-choice financial partner for its clients by offering advanced user-friendly solutions.
    What positions or internship programs do you offer and how can I apply for them?
    VTB has a multitude of vacancies for students, recent graduates and experienced candidates in various fields. Requirements may vary according to job functions.

    VTB Bank has several programs for senior students and recent graduates:

    IT Junior and IT Specialist Schools: programs for STEM students who wish to pursue a career at VTB Bank's fast-growing technology block.

    VTB Junior: internship at the Head Office and the bank's network in Moscow and regions for graduates of bachelor's programs and students of master's programs in finance and economics, as well as young professionals eager to try a job in banking but lacking relevant work experience. Visit this page to see all open internships.

    VTB ROST: a leadership program for master's graduates with at least 6 months' work experience in corporate investment, medium and small businesses, and support and control department. ROST is a Russian acronym for Razvitiye ('development'), Obucheniye ('learning), Sovershenstvovaniye ('improvement'), and Tvorchestvo ('creativity').

    For each program we offer:
    • Professional training and development;
    • Fast immersion in real-life projects;
    • An attractive benefits package;
    • Mentor support.

    Find more details about each program and apply at our career site.
    What skills do I need to get a job at VTB?
    Candidates should take special care to describe their skills in the CV, since the hiring experts will use this document as the main point of reference when admitting the candidate to the next selection rounds.

    Check this list of hard and soft skills for Junior level IT positions and visit this page to find more details about the recruitment process in the IT department.

    Hard skills for Junior Java developer:
    • Proficiency in Java;
    • Understanding of OOD principles;
    • Knowledge of SQL;
    • Database handling skills.
    Hard skills for Junior Frontend developer:
    • Knowledge of JavaScript basics;
    • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS;
    • Layout skills;
    • React skills;
    • Knowledge of HTTP;
    • Git and packet manager handling skills.
    Hard skills for Junior QA:
    • Understanding of software development methodologies;
    • Notion about black box testing;
    • Experience in writing test documentation (test cases, test plans);
    • Experience in using bug tracking tools;
    • Understanding of a bug's life cycle;
    • Knowledge of SQL.
    Hard skills for Junior DevOps engineer:

    • Basic knowledge of Linux administration and Git;
    • Ability to write simple Bash scripts for automation;
    • Debugging skills;
    • Knowledge of container orchestration;
    • Basic monitoring skills with standard tools.
    Soft skills for developers:
    • Analytical mindset;
    • Sense of accountability;
    • Desire for professional growth;
    • Curiosity;
    • Good interpersonal skills;
    • Ability to articulate ideas;
    • Ability and desire to work in a team;
    • Work planning skills.
    What should a student start with?
    Start by choosing the industry and area you wish to focus on. Rather than signing up for an internship right away, look at various possibilities, visit company events and join case championships and hackathons to discover your strengths and interests.

    Note that aside from internships VTB holds a wealth of events for talented and motivated students to learn more about the bank and its activities: is an opportunity to deep dive into the development of new IT products on two tracks to choose from Web and Mobile. Prize fund is 1100 000 rubles. During the hackathon, you will have 3 busy days to prove yourself, get feedback from experts and get a chance to get into the VTB team.
    All active participants will get nice bonuses. Find out more at our site.
    Personal grants are awarded to students of a dedicated educational course of 12 webinars delivered by the best VTB speakers and invited experts. At the end of the course, the best 20 students receive a grant of 200,000 rubles for their professional development. Check all information by the link.
    Risk Management School is a free training course for risk managers of the future, with an opportunity of employment with VTB Bank's technology block. Learn more about Risk Management School at our page.
    How are things with hiring and work now in COVID realities?
    We take all possible COVID safety measures and conduct the selection process online. Many of our employees are now working from home or in hybrid mode. Our offices comply with all safety rules, and all employees who come to work at the office regularly get PCR tests.

    What can I do right now to get a job at VTB?
    There are 4 main steps to start your career at VTB:

    1) Identify the area you wish to develop in.

    2) Make a roadmap of skills required to apply for junior positions and fill gaps in your knowledge and skills.

    3) Write a good resume. The sought-for position should match the vacancy. If you lack work experience, describe your student or pet projects in the "current experience" section. Explain the tasks you had to deal with and the technologies you used. If possible, attach a portfolio and a list of the courses you have taken or are currently taking.

    4) Apply for jobs and internships. You can subscribe to internship notifications now at the career page.

    The Skoltech Career Center thanks VTB colleagues for this interview and support.