Meet the employer:
Learn more about career opportunities at housing development institute and find a detailed description of selection process with tips on how to pass it.
About the company

The DOM.RF Group (ДОМ.РФ) is a housing development institute whose mission is to make housing more affordable, change our cities for the better and make the mortgage and construction market totally transparent and accessible to people and businesses. The Group's 6,000 employees develop, launch and promote advanced products and services while facilitating digital transformation of the construction industry.

To date, DOM.RF has developed upwards of 150 services in digital mortgage, consulting on state mortgage programs, project financing for developers, development of the construction industry analytics, rental market and urban environment, and training of construction personnel. Easy-to-use digital services have been or are being implemented in all of these areas.

    DOM.RF targets for 2022 as regards young talent
    We have big plans for this year. We are a fast-growing company with a lot of projects and tasks to solve, so we always need fresh talent.
    We are particularly active in our digital activities at all levels, where we have over 850 employees and plan to have 1,200 by the end of the year, targeting young professionals among other candidates.
    Internship programs by DOM.RF: when do they start, what are the selection stages and what awaits the selected candidates
    Our internship offerings cover the entire scope of our activity:
    • IT
    • Finance
    • Risk management
    • Law
    • Marketing
    • HR
    • Real estate
    Vacancies depend on current business needs.

    Internships take place 3 times a year starting from March, July, and October and last 4 months.

    The selection process starts 1.5-2 months before the internship and consists of several stages:
    • Review of resumes
    • Tests
    • Interviews with the HR office
    • Interviews with the mentor (or, as an alternative, a technical test or a home assignment)
    • Security check
    The selected candidates sign a fixed-term employment agreement, receive a competitive salary and may apply for a staff position after completing their internship. We aim to attract and retain as much young talent as possible, so we are very careful about the selection in order for our candidates to be smoothly integrated into the company's life and want to stay on our team.

    Skills you need as a DOM.RF employee
    As a rule, each vacancy has its own list of hard skills. For example, novice analysts are expected to be a confident user of Excel and SQL, have knowledge of RDBMS, be proficient in visualization programs (Tableau, Power BI) and have an understanding of the data used by the bank and the construction industry. The skills are listed in the job requirements for each activity and job level.

    And of course, you should have a set of soft skills, such as systems thinking, the ability to analyze large amounts of information and make a well-structured description of tasks and requirements. A candidate should have good public speaking skills, be able to defend their idea or project, work in a team, listen to and understand their colleagues, and show initiative which is always welcome at our company.

    Sometimes young people make an impressive start by taking charge of a whole area of activity. To do this, you need both courage and desire for continuous professional growth.

    How DOM.RF employees develop soft skills within the company
    Aware that hard skills alone are not enough to move forward and do cool projects, we place much emphasis on developing soft skills among our employees, and especially young people who have just embarked on their career.

    Our internship programs are designed for students to gain hands-on experience in their field under the mentors' guidance and enhance their soft skills in the process:

    • Our internship programs include several mandatory courses tailored to the company's specific needs: outlook and business correspondence skills, handling bank information, etc.

    • They also include training sessions, such as Professional communications, Public speaking skills, Data Analysis and Visualization.

    • We organize business breakfasts with the company's top experts and team-building events, for example, summer hiking trips.

    • IT interns attend a unique mentoring program from the top management: managing director for digital transformation at DOM.RF Nikolay Kozak, IT director Oleg Shchepalin, head of digital division at DOM.RF Bank Oleg Komlik and other executives share knowledge, answer questions and give advice to interns throughout the internship.
    Also, we arrange joint offline meetings and communicate in the general chat. At the end of the program, the interns present their final projects. Our goal is for the interns to gain unique experience in communicating with the management, primarily, by integrating them into the company's activity and showing all the opportunities for development. Also, this helps interns overcome shyness and fear, see how open our team is and open their minds. And our most important message for the interns is that if you are pro-active and capable of getting your ideas across, then everything is possible!

    Our colleagues from the DOM.RF have prepared some tips on how to start looking for a job.
    Check it out!
    Step 1: Analyze your talents and abilities
    Describe all your knowledge and skills in writing. List your strengths based on your background and think about where you can use and enhance them. Which skills would you like to improve and where would you do it? What areas are you most interested in and what exactly would you like to do? Would you prefer to work at an office or at home, whom do you wish to communicate with and what lifestyle would you like to follow? And, finally, clearly define your goals and objectives based on your self-analysis.

    Step 2: Analyze the market
    Study the market trends and prospects in the industry or area of your interest. Make sure to look at options and alternatives. And of course, check the salaries offered by employers. For example, the IT industry has a web map showing vacancies and salaries for various positions. Also, remember to look at projects and teams to get an idea of the expertise they have and the skills you can acquire.

    In the early stages of your career, your job should cover several areas for you to gain all-round experience. Try to focus on market and technology leaders. And having their name in your future resumes will be a plus.

    Once you have selected several potential employers, ask around to check if any of your friends already work for them. As an alternative, look for their employees on social media and try to arrange a phone call for 15-20 minutes: don't be shy, since people are usually willing to share their experiences. Ask them about the company life, values, culture and environment and try to find out what they like and what they don't about their job. These conversations often reveal a lot more that the company's website.

    Carefully study the job requirements and check what is expected from candidates for higher positions to get an idea of your career prospects and development opportunities.

    Step 3: Write a resume following the requirements
    It is important that the resume meets all the requirements listed in the vacancy description to reduce the odds of the HR office turning down your resume. Be prepared to write several resumes, one for each vacancy. To raise the chances of passing to the next selection stage, attach a cover letter explaining what you can do for the company and what you expect from your employment.

    Step 4: Prepare questions for the company
    We would also recommend preparing 10+ questions for the HR officer and the mentor, asking them about the company and job position, as well as the projects, tasks and teams that you will be involved in as an intern or an employee. In this way you will understand which job suits you best.
    The Skoltech Career Center thanks DOM.RF colleagues for this interview and support.