Meet the employer:
Meet CyberPhysics, the company that has evolved from a lab at Skoltech into a leading developer of AI solutions for various industries
About the company

CYBERPHYSICS is a provider of innovative software for predictive equipment analytics and technological process optimization based on hybrid analytics. The main customers of our product are continuous production enterprises (oil&gas, energy, metallurgy, chemical industry) & machine-building enterprises.

Our software helps companies solve the following problems:
Emergency shutdowns of equipment
Inefficient operating modes
Lack of technical condition awareness

    How it all started

    CYBERPHYSICS started from R&D projects in Cyber-Physical Systems Lab
    at Skoltech and Development and delivery of courses in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and optimization.

    In 2019 LLC was created by the key project team from laboratory members:
    • Sergei Nikolaev – CEO
    • Mikhail Gusev – CBDO
    • Sergei Belov – CTO
    • Ighor Uzhinsky – Scientific Advisor

    Now CYBERPHYSICS is a Resident of Skolkovo with more than 20 successfully implemented commercial projects, including more than 5 projects with the delivery of licenses. The company's portfolio includes already implemented projects for Gazprom Neft; Uralkali PJSC; NLMK PJSC; Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Concern.

      What skills are needed to work in CyberPhysics?
      We pay attention not only to work experience but also to the candidate's interest in gaining new experience, as well as the presence of an active position during studying. If you had the experience developing your own project or you have ideas for improving processes, it is highly welcome in our company.

      In order to start your journey in our company, you need to have certain hard and soft skills. Check a list of the most basic skills that we pay attention to:
      Soft skills:
      • Ability to defend your point of view and position
      • React quickly to changes in the conditions around you
      • Work independently and in a team
      • Ability to manage your time and resources
      • Deep knowledge of yourself, your characteristics, and the ability to effectively build your workflow taking into account these circumstances
      • Adaptability to changing conditions
      Engineering hard skills:
      •Knowledge of physical processes occurring in industrial equipment
      •Experience with the pandas library, participation in scientific work

      Data Science hard skills:
      •Python, NumPy/TensorFlow, Pandas
      •Good mathematical skills, basic knowledge of Deep Learning
      Career opportunities in CyberPhysics
      Now we are calling for interns in Digital Engineering & Data Science. Next, we will share more detail about these fields:

      For digital engineering, there are test tasks for drawing up models on which we test analytical abilities. Experience in writing scripts is also welcome. In addition, depending on the project, it is important to understand the specifics of the equipment for which the models are being built. These test tasks will help you quickly understand the essence of our approach to solving the tasks.

      For Data Science direction, there will also be interesting tasks at different levels:
      •Familiarity with the development of algorithms and knowledge of applied mathematics
      •Knowledge of artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning, and neural networks
      •Practical experience in programming and implementation of algorithms.
      Our Data Science interns will be given the opportunity to perform test tasks to determine the level and identify gaps that will need to be studied during the internship.

      In two areas, our trainees will be assisted by our excellent mentors, professionals in their field, leading engineers and programmers with many years of experience in implementing complex projects that use a non-standard approach to standard tasks.

      What can I do right now to get a job or internship at CyberPhysics?
      Since we are a young and rapidly developing company, we are open to cooperation not only with experienced candidates but also with students and graduates. We pay attention to work experience, and to the candidate's interest in gaining new experience, as well as the presence of an active position during studying. If you have had the experience of developing your own project or you have ideas for improving processes, then this is only welcome in our company.

      To start developing in the company, we can offer several positions in our company, for example, DevOps, data scientist, data engineer, frontend developer, tester, etc.

      How to join CyberPhysics
      Step 1. Explore the company website:
      • Familiarize yourself with the projects
      • Think about who you want to be in the company

      Step 2. Write an email to the HR manager
      • Send your CV to HR manager Vera Lopukhova:
      • Write a short cover letter about yourself and what you would like to do

      Step 3. Pass 2 stages of the interview
      •Talk with an HR manager who will ask you what you would like to do
      •Meeting with a technical specialist who will clarify your experience, talk about technical components, and at the end will give a technical specification

      And at the end of the whole process, you will start your journey in CyberPhysics!
      CyberPhysics work culture
      Our employees can choose how to work more comfortably: in an office, hybrid or remotely. The main thing is to be in touch and do all the work on time. If you want to work from the office in the company of your mentors and colleagues, then the doors of our office are always open to our employees.

      Our principles are: professionalism and responsibility, accessibility and openness, striving for development and creation of new things, an integrated approach to solving problems, and focus on results.

      Skoltech Career Center thanks CyberPhysics colleagues for this interview and support.